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We offer the most comprehensive commencement and graduation photography available. And we have been providing this service since 1977.
We are first and foremost a professional photography business. With 32 years of experience, you can trust that we have the knowledge and "know how" to serve you and your graduates well.


Our service enhances your ceremony, provides high quality photographs to your graduates with no obligation to purchase, and is completely flexible to your needs.

How does
it work?

You See Photography photographs each graduate as they receive their diploma/award. We are able to photograph as many concurrent presentations that you may have (more than one person shaking hands at the same time). We also provide photography for other types of happenings. See Below.  

We keep track of the students as they graduate and then mail out the FREE proof card to them. We also send information about ordering via email if we are provided an email address. They then may place an order for enlargement(s).
After we receive their order for enlargements, we then print them and mail them back their order.


We accomplish all of this without in any way slowing down the ceremony. We provide FREE wallet-sized proofs to each graduate and their family with the opportunity to order enlargements. 


Within 5-7 days of photographing your ceremony, each graduate receives a proof of each of the photos taken of them. They are mailed directly to the graduate to view and decide if they want to order enlargements. Proofs are alse emailed to each gradaute as well.  And, this is all done in the privacy of their home.

If they choose to order, they may either mail or fax their order to us (internet ordering is in the works). Within 7-10 days of the order date, all prints are mailed directly to the graduate.

All orders are placed directly with You See Photography.

The educational institution is not needed to be an intermediary for the placing of orders. And no matter what, the graduate has a wallet-sized proof to keep, even if they choose not to order.


We can photograph the
following at your Commencement:


Graduates as they receive their diploma

Advanced degree candidates as they receive doctoral and master’s hoods


Processional portraits of each graduate at a backdrop prior to the ceremony


Group photographs of complete graduating classes, specialty degree recipients, and honors and advanced degree graduates


Candid casual photographs of graduates with family members and other guests



We can provide references and testimonials and meet with your planners or committee any time for a presentation. You See Photography is by no means the largest provider of commencement photography available. We can accommodate graduation sizes from 50 to the thousands. 

Growth through referral

We don't have a full-time staff of telemarketers blanketing schools on a daily basis. We don't have sales people "assigned" to your school. We don't view your school as simply a number based upon the number of graduates you may have. There are many other companies available that do.. 

Personal Touch

We prefer providing our services with a personal touch that only a small business can provide. We may not even be able to photograph your ceremony if our calendar is full. If we are not able to provide exemplary service, we will not accept the job. We strive to offer the most comprehensive and complete commencement photography possible to the schools we do photograph. We think we accomplish that.


We have been photographing commencements since 1977. Our experience ranges from 50 to 2,500+ size graduations. No matter the size of your commencement, it is unique. Every ceremony is planned and coordinated different from others. Every graduation is a little different. We don't approach your graduation with a "cookie cutter" philosophy.  

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Please to photograph your commencement. You may use the contact form for our phone, e-mail, and/or fax information. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.