For Graduates
Ordering Instructions
  1. First, double-check your name address info. If your address has changed or will change within the next 30 days, please fill out the change of address box provided on the form. Also, mark out the wrong address.  
  2. Indicate your order by marking in the box.  
  3. If you are ordering from multiple cards, ordering a plaque, or ordering some type of group photo, indicate your desired package (s) on each proof card from which you wish to order and then total the dollar amount on each form. Then calculate your shipping fee from the total of all your forms (See shipping chart).
Calculate sales tax based upon the sub-total of your product costs and shipping.
Select one proof form to calculate your Grand Total (one which has your correct updated address on it). 

4. Indicate your method of payment in the method of payment area to the right of the proof.
We accept the following methods of payment: Check, Money Order, American Express, Mastercard, Visa or Discover. If paying with a credit card, make sure all numbers are legible. Remember to include the cardholder name, the expiration date of the card, a daytime phone number and to sign the form. Any information left off will only delay your order. We address verify all cards and the order must be shipped to cardholder's billing address.

  5. Checks are payable to: You See Photography, Inc.
Please note: all checks are deposited upon receipt and orders are sent to lab within 2-3 days of the deadline date. (This allows us to verify acceptance of the check by your bank).
Orders mailed or faxed by the deadline date are mailed out within 7-10 days of that date. Orders received after the deadline date require further processing time. PLEASE NOTE: If you ordered a plaque or a group photo, they will be shipped separately from the rest of your order (See FAQ's for further information).


6. You may either mail your order in, fax your order to us, or order online.

Mail your order to: You See Photography, Inc.
Box 499
Loveland, OH 45140-0499

Fax your order (24 hours/day-7 days/week) to: 513-296-0010.
Remember, if you fax your order in to us, you must pay with a credit card. NO COD'S and any order form received without complete payment will not be processed and will delay your order.

Shipping Chart
Ordered Sub-Total
Shipping Fee
$175.00 & Up
Add an additional $25 to above fees for international shipping.
Use the chart above to calculate your shipping fee.